New Year evening with beneficiaries of the three funds at Georgian Public Broadcaster

Dimitri Tsintadze Foundation hosted children suffering from leukemia and cancer at the Georgian Public Broadcaster's hall. The friends of the foundation: store chain "Chita" and Notary Chamber of Georgia gave gifts and sweets to the beneficiaries of the three foundations: Dimitri Tsintadze Foundation, Solidarity Fund and the Fund of Monk Andria.
Store Chain "Chita" annually makes specially selected presents to our children and the members of Notary Chamber of Georgia donate to the foundation from their salaries each month. In order to wish them a happy New Year, our friends rewarded children in accordance to their individual interests. Eurovision's little Georgian participants sang and entertained our children beside the Christmas tree with the Wendy's girl. We want to say thank you to "Chita" "Notary Chamber of Georgia", "Georgian Public Broadcaster", " Wissol Group", Eurovision team and every donor on behalf of our beneficiaries, the fund and its members. Happy New Year! We will do anything together.