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Andria Khupenia
This lovely boy is Andria Khuphenia. He was sitting just like that as I walked to him. He began talking right away. You can't imagine how cheerful and kind he is. I fell in love with him in just seconds.
Mahammad Binatov
At the age of 3, Mahammad was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The transplantation surgery was carried out in Medipol Clinic, Istanbul. At this stage his health condition is satisfactory, but for the complete cure we have long-lasting protection therapy.
Dimitri Amitchba
Dimitri Amitchba is the first beneficiary, we started as a newly established charitable organization with Dima's case, he had fully recovered from leukemia. Unfortunately, the history of Dima's illness has not ended.
Tako Kontselidze
Tako kontselidze is 7 years old and was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia at Iashvili Clinic. Her health conditions were assessed as heavy.
Gabriel Maisuradze

This guy with beautiful eyes is Gabriel Maisuradze.
In February he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in Iashvili Clinic. His illness was assessed as heavy and he was flown to Israel for urgent stem cell transplantation.

Our mission

How the fund helps the beneficiaries:

1. There is a diagnosis in onco-hematology that is only cured by bone marrow transplantation. This operation is not available in Georgia and even abroad the price varies between 75 000 - 100 000 euros. Fund partially finances expenses needed for this operation. As a result of joint cooperation with the Ministry of Health and "Solidarity Fund" based on Iashvili Clinic's medical conclusion, we were able to send children for treatment in the city of Verona, Italy and Frankfurt Clinics, Germany.

2. Bone Marrow transplantation is not only problem in onco-hematology. There are medical researches that can not be performed because of inappropriate equipment or other causes. Such is complicated form of lung fungal disease - if it is not revealed in time, for small patients it can end with fatal result. We have a tragic example of it. The death of Luka Lomouri was the result of delayed revelation of this problem. In conclusion, we can say that there is not preventive examinations of patients due to the absence of appropriate equipment. Another problem is in financing additional planned examinations during the magnetic-resonance-imaging or during the protection therapy. According to our information, state insurance does not take this kind of procedures into account, and families can hardly find the necessary amount of money. Our fund also finances these medical researches.

3. There are problems related to the quality of Irradiation procedures in Georgia. This is a medical manipulation which can be performed in Georgia but due to absence of experience and lack of knowledge of adequate equipments it ends with not a desirable result. Consecuently, with the request of financing this procedure abroad, patients with leukemia and severe cancer often apply to the Fund. Fund finances this kind of manipulation in Turkey and Europe.

4. There is also a problem of certain medication for the patients with oncological and hematological diseases, which is not provided by clinics during the treatment process and patients cannot afford them independently. The fund successfully cooperates with the pharmacy center "Pharmadepot" and provides necessary medicines for patients. Fund itself buys the most expensive drugs, which are not available in Georgia, for instance, Voriconazole, Tioguanine from Turkey and Italy.

5. With our experience, state insurance does not cover all the expenses for the chemotherapy. Several patients applied to the Foundation with the request to cover the existing liabilities in the clinic "LifieMed" and provide additional chemotherapy course and the fund fully reimbursed the debt. 6. Oncological patients often need the research or surgical operation, which are not available in Georgia, but abroad in most cases, everything is done successfully. Patients apply to us and we cover their research, travel and hotel expenses as far as possible.

Plenty of Children need our help. A new application comes to the fund nearly everyday. Unfortunately, we cannot help children who have serious health problems but are not oncology patients. The fund exists on donations and all the above mentioned cases were implemented with received financial aids and small donations from charity evenings which were held by enthusiastic journalists.

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