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Andria Khupenia
This lovely boy is Andria Khuphenia. He was sitting just like that as I walked to him. He began talking right away. You can't imagine how cheerful and kind he is. I fell in love with him in just seconds.
Mahammad Binatov
At the age of 3, Mahammad was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The transplantation surgery was carried out in Medipol Clinic, Istanbul. At this stage his health condition is satisfactory, but for the complete cure we have long-lasting protection therapy.
Dimitri Amitchba
Dimitri Amitchba is the first beneficiary, we started as a newly established charitable organization with Dima's case, he had fully recovered from leukemia. Unfortunately, the history of Dima's illness has not ended.
Tako Kontselidze
Tako kontselidze is 7 years old and was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia at Iashvili Clinic. Her health conditions were assessed as heavy.
Gabriel Maisuradze

This guy with beautiful eyes is Gabriel Maisuradze.
In February he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in Iashvili Clinic. His illness was assessed as heavy and he was flown to Israel for urgent stem cell transplantation.

Lost Life
7 Year old Elene Davadze was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma last spring. Mother noticed tuberous hardness on girl's throat. She also had temperature and weakness. According to the doctor's advice, the child was transferrd to Iashvili Clinic.
Demetre Chitorelidze is 2 years old. He was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma and undergoes treatment since last year's march. Parents have noticed a little newgrowth on the child's shoulder. They immediately applied to the doctor. The result of biopsy was sent to Germany.
In july 2013 Lisa's stomach started aching. After the medical research at Iashvili Clinic next diagnose was set: germ cell tumor, small pelvic cavity tumor "teratoma", a tumor of a vitellicle. According to the doctors’ decision 6 courses of chemotherapy were conducted.
Giorgi Bibiluri is 7 years old, he has been diagnosed with Wilms tumor's fourth stage with metastases. After the chemotherapy course conducted in LifeMed clinic, tumor decreased in size, metastases cleared away, operation was decided by the surgeon. New diagnose was set - nephroblastoma. At this stage chemotherapy and irradiation courses are conducted. Periodically, magnetic-resonance-imaging is done. Currently, the disease can be controlled.
Contact Person: Ksenia (mother) 574054608
Barbare Avaliani fights against cancer since 2008. Now she is 13 years old. Diagnose is the same: right cerebellar hemisphere tumor. Five operations have already been performed in the Turkish Ajibadem Clinic. Barbara can't move independently, periodically, her condition gets worse
Mariam Paraskebashvili was born with rare anomaly - atresia of gall-bladder. 6 months old baby had liver transplant surgery in Izmir Clinic, Turkey. Operation was successful. Once in six months, the child was taken to a doctor in Turkey and her health condition was normal.
Mariam Guchmanidze got ill after planned vaccination, when she was just 2 years old. According to the doctor's decsion urgent operation was conducted, right-sided nephrectomy.
Mate Tchanturia was diagnosed with unspecified tumor on the brain when he was just 4 months old. Now he is 1 year old and still continues treatment in Turkey, at Hajetepe University Clinic. He has undergone different chemotherapy courses, the condition is relatively improved. Neurosurgeon does not consider surgical intervention at this stage. Mate should visit Hajetepe University Clinic for consultation. Periodically, he undergoes magnetic-resonance-imaging in Georgia. Little Mate is under constant supervision of Dimitri Tsintadze Foundation, as the doctors promise, he soon will be completely cured.
Merab (Buka) Nikuradze is 8 years old, on fifth of february he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Buka and his mother are living in onco-hematology department of Iashvili clinic for more than 2 months. After the chemotherapy course cytopenia was developed and little buka was transferred to resuscitation area.
13 year old Nino Kakashvili was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After the course of chemotherapy fungal infection developed.

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