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Andria Khupenia
This lovely boy is Andria Khuphenia. He was sitting just like that as I walked to him. He began talking right away. You can't imagine how cheerful and kind he is. I fell in love with him in just seconds.
Mahammad Binatov
At the age of 3, Mahammad was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The transplantation surgery was carried out in Medipol Clinic, Istanbul. At this stage his health condition is satisfactory, but for the complete cure we have long-lasting protection therapy.
Dimitri Amitchba
Dimitri Amitchba is the first beneficiary, we started as a newly established charitable organization with Dima's case, he had fully recovered from leukemia. Unfortunately, the history of Dima's illness has not ended.
Tako Kontselidze
Tako kontselidze is 7 years old and was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia at Iashvili Clinic. Her health conditions were assessed as heavy.
Gabriel Maisuradze

This guy with beautiful eyes is Gabriel Maisuradze.
In February he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in Iashvili Clinic. His illness was assessed as heavy and he was flown to Israel for urgent stem cell transplantation.

Currently Helping
Nikoloz Gabodze was diagnosed with malignant brain tumor when he was 5 years old. Shunting and tumor resection were performed. The full course of chemotherapy was undertaken. Currently his health condition is stable. With the help of the fund he has been examined with magnetic-resonance-imaging.
Contact: 555376529
Iakob Bukhrashvili he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 3. After the successful chemotherapy course, remission was achieved. He was on protection therapy. But suddenly his health condition got worse. Analysis revealed that he had hepatitis C. Iakob's mother thinks that it is the fault of the inattentiveness of blood bank. The protection therapy was interrupted which is connected with a lot of risks. There is no experience of simultaneous treatment of hepatitis C and protection therapy in Georgia. Iakob was transferred to a Turkish clinic with the help of the fund. At the moment he is cured from hepatitis and is on protection therapy.
Contact prson: Nino (mother) 595251118
Julieta Bregvadze is 17 years old. She is diagnosed with aplastic anemia. After the full chemotherapy course at Iashvili clinic, Julieta was sent to Italy for stem cell transplantation. Donor was her aunt. The operation was successful. In april Julieta returned to Georgia fully recovered. The fund covered all the travel expenses of the family.
Contact person: Lia 555317010
Teona Baghdoshvili fights against leukemia since she was 16. She underwent several courses of chemotherapy. Now she is 18 years old. Dimitri Tsintsaze foundation continues helping her. At this stage she is stable. She is from Daba Abastumani, Adigeni municipality. Every month she comes to Tbilisi for a blood test. The remission is achieved. She constantly needs expensive medication - Tioguanine. The fund buys it for her in Italy. As the doctor says there is no long way until Teona's full recovery.
Contact Person: Lamzira (mother) 568305056
Tamar Archemashvili is 18 years old, She has papillary carcinoma, multinodular goitre. She had surgery in Ajibadem clinic, Turkey. All expenses were covered by the fund. Tamar continues treatment and the fund will provide her with financial support until her complete recovery.
Contact Person: Nugzari (father) - 599489250
Sandro Aghamonashvili has been treated since 2013, he has total retinal damage. With the fund's financial support he was sent to Germany. He had several surgeries, but health condition didn't improve. The doctor wrote new prescription and recommended his transfer to Georgia. But Sandro's mother decided to register as asylum seeker in Germany in order to get comprehensive and good-quality healthcare package.
Naniko Toronjadze is 12 years old, several years ago her leg started aching, but doctors diagnosed her with malignant Ewing's sarcoma. After the 6 courses of chemotherapy in LifeMed clinic, the bone prosthesis surgery in Paris clinic was planned. With the cooperation and financial support of the three funds: Solidarity Fund, Dimitri tsintsadze Foundation and Nino Surguladze Fund, Naniko was transferred to Paris. After the 2 weeks she came back to Georgia fully recovered.
5-year-old Andria was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Andria goes to Batumi third kindergarten and for his support all the parents and teachers have been united. At Iashvili Clinic all necessary research and treatment course were conducted. He is stable. The remission is achieved. By doctor's recommendation Andria's medical analysis' results were sent to Germany.
Anastasia Giorgobiani was diagnosed with malignant histiocytosis at the age 1. The baby had 7 blocks of cytosar. With chemotherapy and hormone therapy regress of the disease hadn't been achieved. Because of this, the child was sent to Medipoli clinic, Turkey. Anastasia soon will be 3. At this stage she is under the control from turkish and georgian doctors. Her health condition is still heavy. Dimitri Tsintadze Foundation, as co-funder continues supporting Anastasia. Currently she is undergoing chemotherapy course at Medipoli Clinic. Operation is expected in the future.
Contact person: Demur Giorgobiani (father) 514088855
Lilu Kupatadze is 2 years old, her diagnosis is a fourth stage neuroblastoma with metastases in the liver. Baby has been fighting for life since birth. She had several surgeries, chemotherapy courses and treatment with medicines.

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