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Andria Khupenia
This lovely boy is Andria Khuphenia. He was sitting just like that as I walked to him. He began talking right away. You can't imagine how cheerful and kind he is. I fell in love with him in just seconds.
Mahammad Binatov
At the age of 3, Mahammad was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The transplantation surgery was carried out in Medipol Clinic, Istanbul. At this stage his health condition is satisfactory, but for the complete cure we have long-lasting protection therapy.
Dimitri Amitchba
Dimitri Amitchba is the first beneficiary, we started as a newly established charitable organization with Dima's case, he had fully recovered from leukemia. Unfortunately, the history of Dima's illness has not ended.
Tako Kontselidze
Tako kontselidze is 7 years old and was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia at Iashvili Clinic. Her health conditions were assessed as heavy.
Gabriel Maisuradze

This guy with beautiful eyes is Gabriel Maisuradze.
In February he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in Iashvili Clinic. His illness was assessed as heavy and he was flown to Israel for urgent stem cell transplantation.

2022 Report

Foundation Name of Dimitri Tsintsadze - Journalists to Save Children live  has been fighting for the lives of children suffering from leukemia and cancer for ten years with your support. Together we have already helped 500 children.
Medical research, treatment abroad, travel, hotel, medicines were financed for the beneficiaries. Since 2013, we have collected and distributed a total of 3,739,585 GEL.
Thank you to each of you, for every GEL donated, thank you on behalf of our affiliates, their families, members of the foundation. These 10 years, we did not stop and we continue to fight for life, hoping for your support, because their fate is in your hands, despite the significant support of Ministry of Health, municipalities, various funds, there is a large part of expenses that families find extremely difficult, it is these types of expenses that are reimbursed by the Dimitri Tsintsadze Foundation . We purchase medicines from abroad, finance travel and hotel, rehabilitation and research, often underfunded treatment costs.
thank you
Thank you for your support, thank you for your trust, we will do many more together
We will save lives!
Donation is possible here on our website, search for donation
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Even for children suffering from cancer and leukemia with 1 GEL.
Call 0901080806 or deposit the amount:
Bank of Georgia
account Number: GE62BG0000000996577500
TBC Bank:
account Number: GE98TB7517536080100003
Receiver: Dimitri Tsintsadze Foundation

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